Road to Easter

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March 13, 2016

Road to Easter Bethlehem 1Bethlehem: Things Only God Can Do (David Oliver)

Road to Easter Bethlehem 2Bethlehem: The Shepherd’s Message (Eugene Higgins)

March 14

Road to Easter Jordan 1Jordan: The Importance of Preparation (David Oliver)

Road to Easter Jordan 2Jordan: Behold the Lamb of God (Eugene Higgins)

March 15

Road to Easter Nazareth 1Nazareth: Glad Tidings of Redemption (Eugene Higgins)

Road to Easter Nazareth 2Nazareth: Rejected in Nazareth (David Oliver)

March 16

Road to Easter Capernaum 1Capernaum: The Service of the Sovereign (David Oliver)

Road to Easter Capernaum 2Capernaum: The Suffering of the Servant (Eugene Higgins)

March 17

Road to Easter Jericho 1Jericho: “What Do You Want Me to Do for You?” (Eugene Higgins)

Road to Easter Jericho 2Jericho: The Shepherd Finding the Lost Sheep (David Oliver)

March 18

Road to Easter Bethany 1Bethany: The Peace of a Home that Receives Christ (David Oliver)

Road to Easter Bethany 2Bethany: “As Many As Received Him . . .” (Eugene Higgins)

March 20

Road to Easter Palm Sunday 1Palm Sunday: The Lord Weeping Over Jerusalem (Eugene Higgins)

Road to Easter Palm Sunday 2Palm Sunday: The Triumphal Entry (David Oliver)

March 21

Road To Easter Monday 1Monday: Cursing the Fig Tree (David Oliver)

Road To Easter Monday 2Monday: Cleansing the Temple (Eugene Higgins)

March 22

Road to Easter Tuesday 1Tuesday: Two Brothers: A Lesson in Human Nature and Human Need (Eugene Higgins)

Road to Easter Tuesday 2Tuesday: The Parable of the Wedding Feast (David Oliver)

March 23

Road to Easter Wednesday 1Wednesday: The Elders’ Plot (David Oliver)

Road to Easter Wednesday 2Wednesday: He went to Bethany and went from Bethany (Eugene Higgins)

March 24

Road to Easter Thursday 1 Thursday: Amazing Grace, Wonderful Love, Precious Blood (Eugene Higgins)

Road to Easter Thursday 2 Thursday: Gethsemane (David Oliver)

March 25

Road to Easter Friday 1Friday: The Cross (David Oliver)

Road to Easter Friday 2Friday: Ways We Are Like of the Dying Thief (Eugene Higgins)

March 27

Road to Easter ResurrectionSunday: The Lord Is Risen Indeed! (David Oliver)