Do You Know Him?

Sunday, May 5, 2019

   “The Sermon on the Name:” God’s Uniqueness, E. Higgins

   No Other Name, D. Oliver

Monday, May 6

    The Cry of Slaves and of Sinners: God’s Compassion, D. Oliver

   “Have Mercy on Me according to Thy Lovingkindness,” E. Higgins

Tuesday, May 7

   God Waiting in the Days of Noah: His Longsuffering, E. Higgins

   God Is Not Willing that Any Should Perish, D. Oliver

Wednesday, May 8

   David’s Kindness and Faithfulness Reflect God’s Changelessness, D. Oliver

   God Does Not Change: His Immutability, E Higgins

Thursday, May 9

   God’s Power to Forgive Iniquities, Transgressions, and Sin, E. Higgins

God’s Power to Preserve, Punish, and Provide, D. Oliver

Friday, May 10

God Defines the Standard for Good and Evil, His Justice, D. Oliver

The Necessity of the Great White Throne, E Higgins