We believe that the Bible is the living, unchanging Word of God. Every word, though written by men, is inspired by God. It is completely relevant and reliable and is sufficient to meet all our spiritual needs.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God and is co-equal with God.  The only begotten Son of the Father became a man in order to die on the cross as a substitute for sinners. He rose from the dead three days later, and today He is in Heaven at the Father’s right hand.  We believe His promise to return to the air to take to Heaven all believers, both living and dead; we believe His coming is imminent.

We believe that mankind is born with a sinful nature. Our sin separates us from God and renders us helpless to save ourselves. Only through the death of Christ can we be cleansed and forgiven.

We believe that salvation is by grace through faith. Eternal life is found exclusively in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Personal faith in Christ as Savior and Lord is necessary and sufficient for each individual’s salvation.

We believe that Heaven is the eternal home of the saved and that Hell is the abode of the lost.